Restaurants & Bars

Red Sea restaurant - Main restaurant

Offering open buffet, with a wide range of International, Egyptian and Italian cuisine.

Sea Gull Restaurant

(with extra charge)
A la carte watering mouth Sea food, chosen from chef's menu, prepared and served in a relaxing atmosphere.

VIP Restaurant

(with extra charge)
Serving our special and unique guest for their own special events

Omar El Sherif - Lounge bar

Serves the tasty cocktails the way you like it along with varieties of soft drinks, liquors, flavored coffee and tea

Sun Shine - Pool bar

Drink all you need or have a light snack and enjoy the sun shine, the swimming pool and the beautiful weather year round in the open air. At night, enjoy our daily entertainment program.

Tropicana Bar

Where you could enjoy our tropical fresh juices.

Bikini Bar - Beach bar

Unique experience at the Red Sea in a very relaxing ambiance surrounded by mother nature while having fun fill your thirst with traditional or special beverages.

Pizza Corner

Authentic Italian pizza all day served at the beach. Enjoy the variety of delicious toppings prepared specially for you and your kids.